Stories from the Other World

Written from the perspective of a both a hungry reader and a lucid dreamer who has gone out into the world and experienced many of those dreams in life, Mari Mann also brings a flesh and blood reality to her writing that is her own. In these four short stories, she takes her readers into that Other World, the one that we feel as children and dream of as adults, and brings them back again, changed by the experience. “Beyond” the rainbow is a world we are all familiar with in our Technicolor dreams. But when a little girl arrives on a flat, gray farm carrying tales of that place, the consequences are not quite as we dreamed them. “Carry Me Home” is set in a summer camp where carefree kids happily spend their days canoeing, swimming and riding horses. Matt Harper, age nine and at the camp against his wishes, is not one of those kids. On a horse for the first time, Matt is in for the ride of his life. “The Wheel of Fortune” finds a group of women on an idyllic island on the night of a full moon, gathered together to play bridge and gamble the night away. Amanda Arrington basks in her success in bringing them all there, until a man in winged shoes arrives to offer them the final bet. “Being a Ghost Story of Christmas” begins in the familiar world of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” but, just as Scrooge begins to live his new life, Jacob Marley and the Spirits return from that other world…this time for Tiny Tim.

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